Sevdaluk Brooch

In the back stage of this work we are going little bit further and starting with the inspiration..

Here is the ingredients: 1 love story (preferably finished), 1 good old song* tells whole story (unfortunately in Turkish), 2 pieces of hair from 2 different persons (preferably in love once), regular stones (from any river side) and silver (40 micron)..

It is an old tradition in the small towns of Turkey that lovers cut and give a piece of hair to each other to show their love and keep them in a handkerchief and if this love story (Sevdaluk – as they say in the north part of Turkey/Karadeniz) ends, they are giving back the hairs…

When it comes to regular stones that we use…Sometimes, those lovers go river side and enjoy throwing the stones to the river (this is the only time they spend together and only place since they don’t have Starbucks in town)…Again if our love story goes bad as told in this song, stones need to be collected from the river to rewind all story…

Ok, let’s start jewellery making before bursting into tears..

Here is our symbolic silver handkerchief…

Sevdaluk by Sezen Tulgarer

Sevdaluk by Sezen Tulgarer

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