Dedicated to the people lost their lives at İstanbul Gezi Park Protests…

“What was the first thing in your childhood that you deeply desired? How can you translate it into a piece of jewellery?” was Philip Sajet’s question in the workshop that we participated at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School. After two hours work of memory digging my answer was “freedom“. I remembered the day that I started a small protest at home against my parents who did not allow me to participate in a school trip (to Cappadocia) when I was 12. I was lying on the floor for 2-3 hours with a piece of paper, “Going to Cappadocia is my right, one way or another I will go!” written on it. It was the first time that I stood up for my rights and fought for my freedom.

The idea was creating a piece of jewellery by combining this strong childhood memory with Gezi Park Protests which took place in my hometown, in Turkey. During the protests government’s consideration of the protective masks as an evidence of a crime and the people who carry the masks as terrorists without a legal base, was the reason to use the mask as the main part of the necklace. By turning the mask into a necklace I aimed to question if “wearing the mask as a piece of jewellery can also be an evidence of a crime”. Also I aimed to focus attention on all illegal treatments against human rights during the protests.

Resistance by Sezen Tulgarer

Resistance by Sezen Tulgarer

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