Sezen Tulgarer

I was born in Bursa, grow up in İstanbul. I read then I wrote; I read and I’ve drawn… I became a good daughter for my family and a good lawyer for my country. I’ve been a friend, lover, traveller; always a student and sometimes a teacher… I worked hard to be the best aunty in the world.

One day, I could not resist the demons in my mind, the angels on my shoulders, the worms eating my soul and found myself in the Grand Bazaar labyrinth. I fell in love. I fell in love with my arms which were getting stronger, my back aches, silver dust, slepless nights and my atelier. I found happiness in working with my hands, producing and sharing.

This adventure that started in the passages of İstanbul, Grand Bazaar is continuing in Florence now. I welcome the sunrise everyday with the entusiasm of the first day. I present you the roads I have passed, people I have touched, stories I have collected with my own words.

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